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Articles, Newsletters and Other Writings


  1. The Importance of Breathing
  2. The Importance of Stretching
  3. Types of Training


  1. Kata Step-by-Step How-to's - Members Only
  2. 7 Reasons Everyone Should Practice Karate
  3. Karate for Kids, a good idea?
  4. Improve Your Karate - Members Only
  5. KATA, what is it?
  6. A Guide to Performing Katas - Members Only
  7. The Meaning of OSU!!

Health and Fitness

  1. The Importance of Breathing
  2. Your Heart Rate & Training


  1. Japanese Terminology Translations
  2. Stance Terminology Translations
  3. Targets & Directions Translations
  4. Numbering Translations
  5. Tournament Terms

Self Defense

  1. Self Defense Tips & Advice


    Newspaper Articles
  1. Warding Off Conflict - The Tolland County Times
  2. Willington's First Line of Defense - The Willimantic Chronicle
  3. Class Advertisement - The Reminder

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