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The Meaning of OSU!!

"Osu" a simple word, yet it is the essence of Kyokushin Karate, the nature and spirit of life. Like the Hawaiian word, "Aloha", "OSU" embraces a multitude of meanings, anywhere from hello, goobye, yes, good, excuse me, thank you, etc.

Yet all in the Kyokushin family realize the more deeper and meaningful power of "OSU".

From the my first introduction to Oyama anf Kyokushin Karate, I learned that "OSU" is to persevere, to persist, to endure... the very same life skills that I (continue) need to face and conquer our daily challenges.

In Kyokushin, as in life, there is rhyme and reason for everything. Even the simplest of warm-up exercises has a meaning to it. For example, the twisting and stretching one's wrists using a circular movement is actually the practice of wrist blocking.

It is because of life-long lessons and challenges of Kyokushin, that I continue to practice, learn and preach of its infinite qualities. There has never been a time that I felt that I have learned all there is Kyokushinkai. Such is it in my personal life, and this is how both my personal and Kyokushin lives have intertwined, merged and thus benefited all aspects of my life.

Kyokushin physical and mental traits include perseverance, discipline, responsibility, respect, fortitude, resilience, strength, tenacity, tolerance, vigor, willpower, enthusiasm, and spirit. These and so much more are experienced and attained as we live our lives in the most positive manner possible.

As we have now met the new millenium, may we continue to seek and strive for the "Ultimate Truth"

Long Live Kyokushin Karate!

Source unknown - references appreciated

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