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Stance Translations

Yoi Dachi Ready Stance
Fudo Dachi Immobile Stance
Zenkutsu Dachi Forward Leaning Stance
Uchi Hachiji Dachi Inside Character "8" Stance
Sanchin Dachi Three Point Stance
Kokutsu Dachi Back Leaning Stance
Musubi Dachi Open Foot (connected) Stance
Kiba Dachi Horseback Stance
Neko Ashi Dachi Cat Stance
Tsuru Ashi Dachi Crane Stance
Moro Ashi Dachi One Foot Forward (two-foot) Stance
Heisoku Dachi Closed Foot Stance
Heiko Dachi Parallel Stance
Kiba Dachi
Forty-Five Degree
Horseback Stance
Kake Dachi Hooked Stance
Soto Hachiji Dachi Outside Character "8" Stance
Shiko Dachi Sumo Stance
Kumite Dachi Fighting Stance
Han Mi Half Body Stance
Migi Ashi Mae Right Foot Forward
Hidari Ashi Mae Left Foot Forward

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