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Club History

In 1969 George Saba and George Davis left the Hartford Karate Club and formed their own Karate Club meeting in Tolland, Connecticut. Over the next few years the club grew in size and the facilities they were using became unavailable. They moved the club to the Willington, Hall Memorial School gym in 1973 and formally created the club that exists today. The club was promoted only through word of mouth and a strict code of conduct was enforced. In order to become a member of the club there must be unanimous consent among the existing members. In the club's history there have been less then ten people who were not allowed to join. Even fewer members have been asked to leave the club over the years. The clubs principles were simple, lead a clean life and stay out of trouble. The school system often referred troubled teens to the club. The club had great success in helping the teens to correct the mistakes they were making in their lives and make something positive with their lives. The original members of the Willington Karate Club are still Active in many aspects of the club.

Over the past 30 years the club has gone through many transitions. The Club is presently run by second and third generation club members. The focus of the club is and always has been to teach Karate for the tradition of it. Karate is not and should not be a money making pursuit, to do so would be to corrupt our principles and motivations. Because this is our focus there is no 'need' to falsely advance our students to keep their interest. There are no testing fees. Only those students that are good enough can advance in rank. Those who try and fail must continue the struggle. Many simply want a black belt, we simply want to be the best regardless of belt color! A Willington Karate Club member is devoted to passing on the teachings of Karate, free of charge.

The style taught is a blend of Goju-Ryu and Kokushinkai, Japanese forms. Kokushinkai was developed by Mas Oyama with a strong influence from Goju-Ryu. Kokushinkai is considered the strongest of the martial arts because of some of its training techniques. The Willington Karate Club teaches traditional karate, free of American influences. We do not incorporate foreign language or weapons use into the class structure. Avoiding violence is the primary rule of karate. In the philosophy of karate there is no need of a physical conflict unless you are physically threatened and there is no avenue of retreat.

The Willington Karate Club has made many donations to the school and community since its founding in 1973. The Club also sponsers the education of local youth groups and our instructors teach Women's Self-Defense courses.

Club Membership

We offer two forms of membership, general and online. The first is general membership to the Karate Club, this includes instruction, testing and use of equipment. Member donations support club activities, equipment, scholarship awards and other club and community programs. Members will advance at a rate comparable to the effort and dedication the invest in their training. Our club does not make belt advances to stimulate interest. If you are unsatisfied with your progress talk to your instructor for assistance. If you fail a belt test, learn from it and try again. Only through failure do we find success.

The online membership is a new feature of the Karate Club and will be expanding over time. Online membership costs $60.00 for a five year period. Online members are entitled to complete access to the members area of this web site and to interact with the instructors for training assistance and tips (once a week per topic). If you are interested please contact us for the full terms and conditions.

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