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The Club


George W. Saba

The founder of the Club, he still visits the Club periodically to instruct, test and make sure things are running correctly.

G. Mitchell Saba

The son of George W. Saba, Mitch began as a student in 1980 at the age of 13. He took slowly to the martial arts but by the time he was 17 was very interested and pursued advancement agressively. Over the years Mitch has become an advocate of Women's self-defense teaching through various forums in all of the surrounding towns and communities. Mitch is currently the head instructor for the Karate Club.

Kurt Grover

Kurt began practicing Karate through one of the Willington Karate Clubs outreach programs for youths. Kurt immediately took an interest and became a dedicated member of the Club. Kurt excelled in all aspects of his training and showed a propensity for teaching. Mitch Saba saw this potential and began to groom Kurt as an instructor. The rest is history.

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