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The Club

Club Rules and Regulations

To All Students

  1. Students must be punctual to all meetings
  2. Students must keep their Karate uniforms clean and in good repair
  3. Students must keep their bodies clean and their finger and toe nails trimmed.
  4. Students CAN NOT waer jewelry or any hazardous objects while exercising.
  5. Students should respect their bodies and keep them free of piercings and tattoos.
    1. Visable piercings or tattoos are grounds for removal from the club.
  6. Students must not consume food, drink, or candy while exercising (water is allowed on the side-lines).
  7. Smoking is strictly prohibited.
  8. Students must practice ONLY those techniques that have been formally introduced to them by their instructor or senior members.
  9. Students must obey the instructions of their instructor and senior members.
  10. Students must not be disruptive at any time.
  11. Students must show respect at all times for the club, their senior members, their fellow students and themselves.
  12. Students must be polite and courteous to each other.
  13. Students should keep the Club environment clean and safe.
  14. Students must not leave the Club without the permission of the instructor.
  15. Students must understand the rules of the club and their instructor.
  16. Students must never discuss or disclose the fact that they practice Karate in a boastful manner.
  17. Students must never use their training outside of the Club, if they do it must be justifiable to the Club.
  18. Students must submit to the judgements and instructions of their instructor, senior members and the Club majority.

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