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Suggested Equipment List

Main Equipment

The essential equipment you will need in order to practice and to spar at the Club is as follows:

Gi- A white or black Karate suit consisting of trousers and top. Made from cotton and available in various “weights” (the heavier the weight the more durable the Gi). The Gi must have two patches on it. The Club Patch on the left breast, a Style Patch on the right breast.

Belt- Worn around the waist outside the Gi top. The colour indicates the rank of the student. Beginners wear a white belt and advance through green, blue, purple, brown (1st through 3rd KYU) and finally to a black belt. We do not use the Yellow belt.

Sparring Pads- Consisting of a pair of “Shin-Instep” pads, a pair of “Hand-Forearm#8221; pads and either a groin protector for the men or a chest protector for the women.

Further Equipment

The following equipment is not essential, but many Karateka have found them useful.

Bag Gloves- Lightly padded leather gloves designed to prevent damage to the skin of the knuckles when punching a punch bag.

Wraps- Long cotton strips wrapped around the hand and wrist to support the small bones of the hand and to protect the knuckles when punching the bag or sparring.

Jump Rope- An excellent aerobic fitness trainer, also good for improving footwork.

Gum Sheild- Worn in the mouth to protect the gums and teeth during sparring/competition. Can be custom made by a dentist or generic.

Syllabus- Lists all techniques required for each grading, available in the members section of this web site.

Books - Check out the Club Library for some suggested readings.

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