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Karate Hand Techniques - Japanese Terms

"Te" means hand in Japanese, and Kara-Te is often reported to mean "empty hand". Zuki (often also spelled tsuki) means punch.

Often the same technique is referred to by different names, for example, for the elbow strike you may find the Japanese terms Empi Uchi, Hiji Uchi, or Hiji Ate that all usually mean the same thing!


Age zukiRising punch
Awase zukiU punch
Boshiken zukiThumb fist
Choku zukiStraight punch
Chudan zukiMiddle level punch (thrust)
Empi uchiElbow strike
Furi zukiCircular punch
Gyaku zukiReverse punch
HaishuBack hand
Haito uchiSword ridge hand
Hasami zukiScissors punch
Heiko zukiParallel punch
Hiji uchiElbow strike
Jodan zukiUpper level punch (High Thrust)
Kagi zukiHook punch
Kaiko ken zukiCrab shell fist, four knuckle strike
Kizami zukiJab or leading punch
Kote uchiForearm strike
Ko uchiBent wrist strike
Kuma-deBear hand
Mawashi zukiRound hook punch
Nagashi zukiFlowing punch
Nakadaka ippon ken zukiMiddle finger knuckle punch
Nihon zukiDouble punch
Nukite zukiFinger thrust
Oi zukiLunge punch
Sanbon zukiTriple punch
Seiken zukiFore fist strike
Shotei uchiPalm heel strike
Shotei zukiPalm heel thrust
Shuto uchiKnife hand strike (Karate Chop)
Tateken zukiVertical fist punch
Tsuki (zuki)Punch or thrust
Tettsui uchiHammer fist strike
Ura ken uchiBack fist strike
Ura zukiShort punch (palm up)
Yama zukiMountain punch
Washi deEagle hand

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